Part of the Summer 2020 Collection, this beautiful genuine turquoise bracelet manifests truth and love for the wearer. Turquoise is know as the Truth Stone and therefore helps the wearer enhance confident communication. It is also one of the oldest known protection stones and manifests strength and energy. It protects the wearer from negative environments and brings good fortune. It is a strengthening stone and excellent for exhaustion and anxiety. 
The Flower of Life symbolizes enlightenment and manifests the wearer's intentions. It is a symbol of the 7 days of Creation in Christianity and associated with the Tree of Life.
The Initial Charm is to represent the wearer's name and intentions.
Charm: Flower of Life . Antique goldfilled . 19mm diameter.
Heart: 14 kt goldfilled.
Initial Charm: 14kt goldfilled 14mm in diameter
Gemstone: Genuine Turquoise 8mm
Tarnish Resistant

Truth and Protection Gemstone Bracelet