Part of our Summer Collection, this beautiful bracelet manifests renewal and regeneration. Much like the Starfish it represents. The Starfish also represents infinite, divine love. It manifests guidance, vigilance, inspiration and intuition for the wearer. Paired with Turquoise, Amazonite and Clear Quartz, this bracelet manifests serenity, self-acceptance, harmony in all relationships, truth and peace. The Clear Quartz amplifies the wearers intentions and energy. 
Charm: Antique finish, goldfilled Starfish . 14 kt goldfilled Heart Charm.
Genuine Gemstones: Turquoise 8mm. Amazonite 8mm. Clear Quartz 8mm
Bracelet Length: 7 inches.
Tarnish Resistant 

Renewal and Serenity Starfish Gemstone Bracelet