SOLD. Jade is called the Stone of Heaven and the Luck Stone. Helps the wearer open up in receiving the abundance of nature drawing energies to create physical prosperity and well-being. It is used to bring money into the wearer's life, and is beneficial to businesses by drawing prosperous energies. Jade has properties of nourishment. The Tree of Life Charm is a symbol of connection to all things. The leaves and branches reach out to the sky to help the wearer accept the energies of the world for nourishment and abundance. It is a symbol of positie energy, good health and a prosperous future. Genuine Jade semiprecious stone. 8mm. Tree of Life Charm in gold filled brass. Tarnish Resistant

Prosperity Jade Gemstone Bracelet

  • CARING FOR YOUR Alicia Raymond Jewelry...

    Our beautiful pieces are tarnish resistant. But it does not hurt to take extra care of them to give them longer life and in time can be an heirloom. 

    For gold filled jewelry, avoid getting in contact with anything that contains alcohol such as hairsprays or perfumes or thick oils in essential oils and creams. Our pieces resist these elements but we do recommend removing rings or necklaces when washing hands or showering or applying creams or lotions.

    For the genuine gemstone pieces, our pieces are protected, to keep their smooth texture. We suggest to not wear them in rough physical activity . Avoid contact with alcohol such as perfumes or hair and body sprays, as there can affect the appearance and texture of the gemstone. 

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