Part of the Summer 2020 Collection, this genuine turquoise bracelet manifests harmony and good fortune for the wearer. Turquoise stands for water, sky, for bountiful harvests, health and protection. Intentions of protection, harmony in relationships and good fortune are supported and affirmed through this bracelet. Turquoise has been one of the oldest Protection Stones and has brought positive energy and strength to the wearer. The triangle has been the symbol of creativity, manifestation, and harmony throughout history. 
We paired the sun with this gemstone to manifest strength and energy and determination. It is a symbol of life and the conscious mind. It supports the wearer in making ultimate decisions and self-realization. 
Gemstone: Genuine Turquoise. 8mm
Charms: Flower and Triangle charm. 14kt goldfilled. 19mm in diameter. 
              Sun charm: 14 kt goldfilled. 16mm in diameter
Findings: Antique goldfilled floral findings 4mm.
Tarnish Resistant

Manifestation and Harmony Gemstone Bracelet