This beautiful piece features Red Aventurine for manifesting a joyful love of life and seeing the joy in every aspect of your life. It encourages gratitude unconditional love, a zest for life and it emits a good energy vibration. It encourages you to live life to the fullest and helps you to take emotional risks without being reckless. 
Red aventurine helps you with self-forgiveness and enables you to laugh at your mistakes. Its energy quickly reveals self deception. It Is also known as the Stone of strength and self assurance. Mentally this stone helps you to pursue personal goals in a pragmatic manner. Red aventurine encourages self forgiveness.
Red aventurine helps you manifest your highest ideals and personal goals through consistent action. This stone encourages discernment, commitment and perseverance.
Aventurine has been known as an Abundance Stone. 
Gemstone: Genuine Red Aventurine. Size 8mm 
Charms: 14kt goldfilled Tree of Life with genuine Cubic Zirconia. 
Components: Goldfilled Fireball in 8mm with genuine Cubic Zirconia. 
Goldfilled Hematitie findings all around in 6mm
Tarnish Resistant. Hypoallergenic.

Love and Strength Gemstone Bracelet