Sodalite is a talisman of the writer, known for enhancing creativity and inspiration, focus, and clear communication. It has also been called the Poet’s Stone, the Stone of Creatives, as well as the Stone of Truth. Utilize Sodalite as a research or study aid to remain centered and to sort out the new and unfamiliar, for stimulating deep thought, and for increasing inventiveness and originality in the expression of one’s artistic work. Sodalite may also be used as a psychic shield to keep others from stealing one’s ideas and inspirations. 
The Owl symbolizes determination, clarity, wisdom, instinct, intelligence and vision.
The perfect combination of Sodalite and the Owl manifests the love of learning, knowledge and creativity. 
Gemstone: Genuine Sodalite 12mm
Charm and Findings: 14 kt goldfilled antique 
Length: 7.5 inches
Tarnish Resistant

Focus Sodalite Genuine Gemstone Bracelet