The Riverstone has properties of making the owner’s mind positive. People believed that they can take actions lively by releasing unconscious energy. Riverstone is also used when people have the feeling of being locked up. It is known to relieve pressure or stress. It manifests strength, resolution and positive change for the wearer. Combined with Clear Crystal Quartz to remove blocks to the changes and resolutions that the wearer wants to manifest. The Tree of Life symbolizes prosperity and helps  manifest abundance with change. The Riverstone is also a grounding stone to help the wearer keep the faith. Wear this beautiful prayer necklace composed of 77 prayer beads as a bracelet too.Gemstone: Genuine Riverstone. Size 8mm. Genuine Crystal Quartz . Size 8mmCharms: Silver Tree of Life. Silver with goldfilled heart Love Hope Faith Pendant.Components : Silver findings. Tarnish Resistant. Hypoallergenic.

Faithfulness Prayer Necklace