This Summer Bracelet Set is created to evoke the relaxing and calming nature of the summer season. Invoking the relaxing effects of the ocean and the energizing and healing effects of the sun. 
The Blue Jade is a powerful cleansing stone and enhances the body’s restorative properties. This powerful jade variety encourages patience, enhances mental abilities, also known as the Stone of Steady Progress. It is the Stone of Wisdom and manifests a breakthrough in understanding. As a Dream Stone, it encourages creativity. 
The Starfish paired with the Blue Jade symbolizes restoration and renewal.
The Amazonite is a powerful stone of Healing and Prosperity. It is a good luck stone in any financial venture. It is known for maintaining good health for the wearer. It aids in cell regeneration. It is also a wonderful emotional healer.It calms the mind, alleviates worry and fear and helps the mind seek emotional balance. 
The Oyster Shell symbolizes beauty and strength. As well as healing, growth and balance. It also attracts good energy and brings good luck.
The Blue Turquoise is known as the Stone of Travellers. It is an ornamental stone but actually manifests protection against theft, loss, attack and falls. It is known as the protective stone of kings and warriors during ancient times. 
The Seashell symbolizes good fortune and resurrection as well as fertility. 
This set is made to manifest protection and healing for the wearer during the Summer months as well as throughout the year when calm, rest and relaxing without worries and fear are the intentions. 
Gemstones: Genuine Blue Jade, Amazonite and Turquoise. Size 8mm
Charms: 14kt antique gold filled Starfish, Oyster Shell and Seashell.
Findings: Gold plated Hematite for grounding. 
Bracelet Set lengths: 7 inches each bracelet
Tarnish Resistant.

Energy and Restoration Summer Set