Jade is always popular as a prosperity and good fortune gemstone. But this beautiful and efficient gem is also known as the Stone of Calm. It manifests calm for the wearer in the midst of a storm - life and emotions. It brings feelings of harmony in business and family relationships. It helps with feelings of guilt and defeat. 
Jade is also a Growth crystal and manifests development, creation and the power of nature’s constant renewal.
The Sun is paired with this beautiful gem to intensify the manifestation of life-giving abundance because of the Sun’s warmth giving healing, calm and peace. In Christianity, the Sun is the symbol of the joy in life and love and denotes the Holy Spirit. 
Gemstone: Genuine Jade with genuine gold flecks. Size : 8mm
Charms: Sun charm 14kt goldfilled brass. Fireball charm in 14kt goldfilled brass with genuine cubic zirconia pave. 14kt goldfilled Hematite findings. 
Tarnish Resistant. Hypoallergenic. 

Calm and Energy Jade Gemstone Bracelet