• Maria

Vermeil, Filled, Plated

Updated: Jun 18

Ever wonder whether the piece of gold jewelry you are buying is worth it? There are so many information that might confuse you as a consumer when buying something in gold. Sometimes we forget to ask the sales person to give us some details about that pair of earrings or that necklace that we spent money on. Because the salesperson can be so knowledgeable, we forget to ask. In case you are not a fan of real karat gold, and you love collecting beautiful pieces from unique jewellers such as us, (thank you!), let me give you a bit of info regarding the difference between the different types of gold jewelry.

When you see the word "vermeil" it is common to assume that it is some form of real gold but only very light in weight or lighter gold colour. Vermeil is actually Sterling Silver plated with gold. the gold plating can be any level of gold from 18 karat to 24 karat. It is actually hypoallergenic so it is recommended for those who are sensitive to fashion jewelry. It costs much less than real gold, but with the proper care and handling, it is worth more than gold plated pieces. You can be sure it is also a worth the money since the base metal is Sterling Silver which is considered a precious metal.

Gold-filled is not just being dipped in gold. The metal base goes through a mechanical bonding process with gold thus layering a thicker layer of gold on the base metal which can be either brass or nickel. Law requires that the piece to be considered gold-filled needs to carry 5% of its weight in gold. Stainless steel is an excellent base metal for this kind of gold process.

Gold-plated is where there is a very thin layer of gold applied to an object to give it the appearance of gold. It wears out very easily although it is required that the gold be at least 10 karat. Minimum thickness required is .0000007 of an inch thick. And gold plating is not just for jewelry, it can also be done on decorative objects, even your faucets and door knobs.