The Effects of Colourful Jewelry - Mind and Mood

Updated: Jun 19

First of all, what is Color Psychology? It is defined as a study of hues as a determinant of human behaviour. Basic, standard, explanation you might say. But I am as perplexed as you are. You're probably thinking there is really more to colour than we know. Apparently according to scientific studies, different hues influence how we see things without being conscious about it. Although how colour affects individuals may differ according to age, gender and culture. 

Around 1660’s the English scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered that when pure light passes through a prism ( a kind of solid geometric figure), it separates into all of the visible colours. He found that each colour is made up of a single wavelength and cannot be separated further into any other colours. But that light could be combined to form other colours. Ok so we got that mini info. How does it translate to mind and mood?

Well, you might not be aware but your feelings about colour are often deeply personal and rooted in your own experience about culture. Personal fondness of a certain colour might have stemmed from childhood life as a colour you connect with happy memories. Mine is Green, Blue and Gold. My happy childhood stems from my grandma being around me taking care of me for most of my childhood. I always look forward to Sunday church when she would always be wearing something blue or green. Always wearing beautiful gold jewelry. I got my share of those from her too. I remember the most beautiful necklace in 24kt gold she had given me as a Highschool Graduation present. Didn’t think I deserved it but she assured me I did. I got really good grades. I associate the colour Burgundy with confidence and style. Why? My grandpa always wears this colour one way or another especially during Sunday Church or meeting with important people. I see him have a great connection with his buddies and thought that he was always so confident. He was always the best dresser among his group of friends. Colour may not always mean happy memories. Some colours you might not be happy to be around. Like Black. My mom will always react negatively when I wear something black. She associates it with death and mourning and as she explained to me, she had been to many funerals as a child. And frankly, black was not a colour I saw much around our house as a little girl. It was off limits. 

So why is colour such a powerful force in our lives? Some perception of colour might be subjective , but some colour effects have universal meaning. Subjective to your own personal experience, but on a universal level, colours give out their own importance and meaning, thus affecting how we react to that particular hue.

For example, in the Red Area of the Colour Spectrum-the Warm Hues- including red, orange, yellow and their variations, the hues evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort (think pumpkin spice lattes and thanksgiving and Christmas) to extreme feelings of anger and hostility (think war and control ). It may also evoke a feeling of powerfulness in some, excitement, energy and strength.

In the Blue Side of the Spectrum-the Cool Colours -including blue, purple, green, silver- the colours are described as calm and relaxing (think beaches, oceans, summer rain)  but can also mean sadness, indifference and exclusion (think about saying “I am feeling blue” when confronted with a sad situation or event.) 

So again, how do we translate all these colour effects to jewelry? 

Exactly like it has been for every gemstone, for every gold and silver jewelry.  Several ancient cultures practice Chromotherapy or the use of colour to heal. It is also referred to as light therapy or colorology. 

Every gemstone gets its healing properties from its colour. As well as the effect of the hue on how the wearer will manifest a certain intention. Jade for example is very popular in variations of green. Green evokes good luck, as in the Irish luck coming from the green coloured four-leaf clover. It evokes abundance coming from the colour of nature which is predominantly green. Green is also an optimistic colour. Giving Jade its most important manifestation properties of hope, wealth, responsibility, respect, stability, comfort, luck and fortune. 

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