Manifestation through Jewelry

Updated: Jun 5

Something spiritual that becomes real. Not everyone will agree that manifestation comes first. When you manifest something you want, it becomes a reality. Is this true? I have read many books, quotes, life experiences of family and friends and it usually tells me how they deal with life and what they believe in that manifests in what you see is going on with their lives. I can go on and do my best to give the best examples, but this article is not what it is about.

How does jewelry or anything else you wear manifest the life you want? I choose to create jewelry to remind you to believe in what you want. Like what I have mentioned, when you want to manifest something you need to keep believing that it is already true. A simple example is when you believe you are protected, by being reminded by a Protection piece of jewelry or by a charm on your necklace or bracelet, It manifests itself and you unconsciously are aware that you are protected , say from outside elements, by acting in a way to protect yourself, making conscious choices to not be harmed. By prayer, is what I do. By praying for wisdom, by believing that I am always protected. I can truly attest to that.

When I am feeling discouraged, I wear my bracelets to manifest strength and encouragement, and reminds me to pray on whatever it is that is bothering me. Of course, you will say , well duh. But we usually forget why we love wearing jewelry so much. And the true intention of wearing them. Have you ever prepared for a job interview, and by chance , you bought a week ago or a month ago a piece of jewelry that says "encouragement" on the packaging, or a necklace that says "confidence" on the card it came with? That is not coincidence. Usually you choose the things you buy or create to manifest something you want to happen. Am I right? I create pieces that resonates with my customers who want to manifest that piece's name in their life. Protection Gemstone Bracelet, Joyful Heart Necklace, Prosperity Jade Bracelet. The names I give my creations are all intentional.

Jewelry helps and supports you in manifesting what you want and your intentions.

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