A Change of Habits during Self Isolation

Updated: May 8

I am not going to complain about how this pandemic is affecting our family life and social life , believe me. I want to share how our life kinda turned around when my family realized it was going to be a new normal kind of life from the time the first cases were discovered in our city. We live in Canada and definitely not in the same situation as any other country that have worse numbers of cases. Our province is slowly growing in the number of cases and that is scary. We started off the first day of our quarantine with watching the news as soon as we got home. I googled every kind of info I can find regarding this virus. My son, who is in University had already been looking up important info about the virus since January. And because I was too busy or did not really think it was serious, I did not take the info he was sharing to heart. Lesson learned: listen to your son when he starts talking about something serious that can affect our family and way of life.

Anyway, I learned more about the virus and how it affects people, how it can change someone's life forever with just a single cough from other people, by being in the same small air space as someone infected, how some infected people can be asymptomatic, etc. What my biggest concern at the time was that my young daughter's school still has not ordered a school closure when every other province in Canada had done so the day before. This was a Friday. I contacted the school by email and posted on their Social media page. And sure enough, we got an email from the school that school is shut down until Summer. Meaning, they will be doing online schooling. Much to my relief. BTW, my son was also protesting since he told me not to send my daughter to school even before Friday because his University shut down midweek. Again, I didn't take anything too seriously.

Fast forward to the next week. Week of March 16. We are at home, getting weirded out by the fact that I didn't have to wake up super early (4:30a.m.) to prepare their breakfasts and lunches for school, my kids were just laying in bed, looking at messages from friends, going online to check on the info regarding the now called pandemic. I still did wake up that early and started cleaning the kitchen - even though I clean it every night. I started dusting, put in a load of laundry which I normally do on Friday morning while the kids are in school. Everything I put off for the weekend that includes house chores, I was able to do by Wednesday. It has been three weeks of no dirty dishes left on the sink for a couple of days because we were all so busy with other chores and working from home.

Our new normal now is watching the news during breakfast/brunch in the morning, the kids working on online home work until 1 or 2 pm. Having snack mid afternoon or we would be baking cookies or cupcakes. I would make sure everything is all cleaned up before I do work on my online business again. During this time I also look up recipes since I have been ordering food in. 5 pm I start dinner prep. I have cooked 12 new dishes since that weekend. And baked at least 5 times in a week. And my kids appreciate it.

Another new norm is the grocery event. I call it an event because we prep ourselves by making sure we have clothes that can cover our mouths and noses. Yes, a turtleneck or a hoodie where we hide half of our faces. The really serious part is how we now avoid any aisle at the supermarket that has even one person shopping in it. It is kind of a Pac-Man game where you avoid the "ghosts" only, the cherry would be the stuff we need from one aisle to the next. Yup. And at the checkout counter, we keep our 6 feet apart distance front and back. While paying we make sure we wipe the credit card machine before and after and wipe the credit card after. We say thank you by waving- no talking is our main thing. After we get in the van, we wipe our hands with baby wipes -yes- that dozed in 70% alcohol and placed carefully in a sandwich bag. Yes. There were no more sanitizers nor antibacterial wipes. So I had to improvise. When we get home, I use the alcohol wipes to clean every single item we bought . Right down to the case of bottled water package. I clean out the bottom. I wash the fruits and veggies right away under warm soapy water and then rinse thoroughly. Before I place anything past a certain spot after our front door, everything has to be sanitized like super cleaned. Yes. That is the new normal. What do I do with our jackets and coats? I spray them with a disinfectant spray. With clothes, we put them right away in our individual hampers and I wash them right away. We do groceries on the slowest day of the week. Which I find is either Monday or Tuesday morning. We do our social distancing because we want to not get sick before a vaccine is created. Because we do not want to give our wonderful nurses and doctors added stress by being a patient. We only do groceries every 2 weeks. That keeps us in the house for a while . Less people on the road and in the grocery store, the better.

Well, that is all right now. My next blog will be about my daily routine which took me a couple of weeks to get used to and put into practice.